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1.Ovulation happens when Your Basal Body Temperature drops
Not Always
2.A positive blood pregnancy test means that I am pregnant
False- it may represent a LH surge (Ovulation) and thyroid hormone can give a false positive reading
3.Women who can't get pregnant often have problems with the cervical mucus
Rarely-cervical issues account for < less than 5% of fertility issues
4.Ovulation always happens on cycle day 14?
False-even with regular 28 day cycles,ovulation can occur from cycle day 8 to 18
5.Sperm can survive several days inside the vagina
False-sperm can survive in the cervix for several days
6.It's usually the woman's fault if she can't get pregnant
False-a third of the time it is a male issue
7.You should have sex every other day if you want to get pregnant
False-however, sperm will live in the cervix for up to 3 days and having sex every other day will assure sperm will is present when you ovulate
8.You can diagnose implantation or pregnancy from cervical changes
False-you can diagnosis ovulation when your mucous is thin and watery
9.Pregnancy can occur several days before and after ovulation
False-fertilization does, implantation occurs 6 to 7 days after ovulation
10.Vaginal secretions always means there is an infection
False-may suggest ovulation
11.You cannot get pregnant when having sex during your period
False-rare,but you can ovulate while you are bleeding
12.Sperm can survive in the cervix for up to 96 hours
13.You need to wait at least three months after stopping birth control pills before you can start trying to conceive
14.The best way to time intercourse is always on the 14th day of your cycle
False-every other day when you stop your menstrual flow
15.Having an orgasm helps you get pregnant
False-an Old Wife's Tale
16.Stress prevents a woman from getting pregnant
17.If you had a miscarriage in the last pregnancy, there is an increased risk to have another miscarriage
18.Fertilization happens inside the uterus
False-Fertilization happens in the Fallopian Tubes and Implantation in the Uterus
19.Moderate exercise will prevent you from getting pregnant
False-it is more likely to relax you and improve fertility and fertility treatments
20.When taking your BBT, you should have sex when the temperature goes up
False-you are more likely to just have ovulated when the temperature goes down, the temperature rises because you have ovulated already
21.Your first pregnancy symptoms usually start before you miss your period
False-after, the fullness-breast changes are an immediate effect of progesterone
22.If you have only one ovary, you ovulate only once every two months
23.If you haven’t become pregnant after three months of trying, something must be wrong
Depends on your age
24.A negative urine pregnancy test on means that I am not pregnant
False-the sensitivity of the assay is not as good as a blood pregnancy test

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