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Here is a summary of male infertility and the common causes and treatment options offered at our reproductive center.

Many couples assume that infertility is solely a female issue, but actually affects both men and women equally worldwide. The reality is that just about 40% of all infertility cases stem from male-factor issues. Thus, male infertility testing is crucial in order to assure every couple's treatment plan is appropriate upon the start of care.


The Ruiwen Male Infertility Program is an international VIP program with cutting-edge technologies, equipment and techniques combining the best of American and Chinese expertise and the resources that only a 3A academic hospital can provide.

The Ruiwen program identifies all causes of infertility. Our team has 50+ years of expertise and has successfully diagnosed tens of thousands of male infertility cases; moreover, the advantage of the Ruiwen international VIP department is that we have the time and expertise to develop customized and individual treatment plans that lead to successful outcomes.


Our experts and national level laboratory makes testing and analysis easier, faster and more accurate: the advantage of the Renji Reproductive hospital.


There may be very few or even no any obvious sign of male infertility. Therefore, we must seek the diagnosis and treatment from infertility experts, who will conduct a series of medical history collection and examination to find the cause and clear diagnosis, find a solution of the fertility as soon as possible . Common causes of male factor infertility include:

• Erectile dysfunction

• Ejaculation problems (no sperm or premature)

• Azoospermia: no sperm resulting from physical obstruction of the ducts in the testicles

• Chemotherapy from cancer treatment

• Hormone imbalances

• Genetic abnormalities

• Obesity

• Poor nutrition

• Stress

• Sexually transmitted diseases

• Smoking

Our team possesses the experience and science to swiftly identify the source of any male-factor infertility issues that may be present. Once we determine the cause, Ruiwen Team can offer a number of treatment options to solve the issue — as our Team has done thousands of times before resulting in thousands of successful pregnancies.
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