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Ovulation induction is often one of the first treatments recommended to individuals and couples with ovulation disorders.

Ovulation induction is usually recommended as one of the first treatments for individuals and couples with ovulation problems. It induces ovulation through medications and promotes better follicular development.



Ovulating women typically produce one mature egg every 28 days (a menstrual cycle). After this egg is released from the ovary, it travels into the fallopian tube awaiting for sperm for fertilization. Many women of childbearing age have irregular menstrual cycles, which are essentially caused by non-ovulation. By using medicines to induce ovulation, it can promote follicular development, induce egg maturation and ovulation, increase the rate of conception.

Ovulation induction treatment is recommended for women who are not ovulating or with long, irregular or infrequent cycles including PCOS or other hormonal problems


Each patient responds differently to ovulation induction, sometimes it will result in multi-follicle development, which means that a balance must be struck between increasing the number of eggs to improve the chance of pregnancy while minimizing risks including multiple gestations and ovarian hyper stimulation.

Our patients are monitored closely with bloodwork and ultrasounds during ovulation induction to ensure medication dosing and response are appropriate.

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